A sneak peek at the Prickle and POP studio

Posted on 09 December 2016

Welcome to the home of Prickle and POP!

Our studio occupies most of the ground floor – actually, the only floor – of a house in the burbs, and the space is shared with three other creative individuals: an architect, and two masters of the art of, well, heaps of stuff, but mainly LEGO and hand-to-hand combat. It can get a bit chaotic at times, but we try to work together as best we can.

Prickle and POP uses three main spaces: The Kitchen Table, The Spare Room and The Lounge.

The Kitchen Table

This is where a lot of my ideas take shape. It’s a lovely, sunny spot with good natural light and a beautiful view over the garden and beyond. I adore sitting here with a coffee and a few hours of creative time in front of me. As you will see, I like to match my scarf to the colour of my paint water; it's integral to the process.

The Prickle and POP studio

Prickle and POP studio photos

 Prickle and POP studio photos

The Spare Room

This is the heart of our studio; the getaway space where I conduct our frequent brainstorming sessions and plan our next moves. It is also the storage warehouse and financial hub; well, hub, anyway.

Here, I like to surround myself with things I love. They change all the time. At the moment, I'm drawn to wood, so I've hung a few wooden op-shop finds around the place. I'm also enjoying some of the FLOW magazine posters, so I have popped them into my frames for a while. I'm a big believer that great, beautiful, inspiring art does not have to be expensive, original, the next BIG THING, or 'important'. Just enjoy what you enjoy.

The hedgehog you see is my little Prickle mascot. He was given to my youngest son when he was a baby and I've loved him ever since. The big, bright artwork you can see was painted by one of my closest friends, Florence Egasse. She is very special and very talented.


Prickle and POP studio photos

Prickle and POP studio photos


 Prickle and POP studio photos

 Prickle and POP studio photos

The Lounge

This is where I host all of our business meetings and interviews. ALL of them; we're so busy and in demand, you understand. But this space must be booked well in advance, because it is very much the domain of the LEGO and hand-to-hand combat masters.

The Lounge is also where I come to package up all of our goods. Envelope in card in cellophane bag, envelope in card in cellophane bag, envelope in card in cellophane bag...

And when I run out of creative steam, this is my haven. Boys, books, a bit of telly – a lot of my down time happens in here.

Prickle and POP studio photos


And that, folks, is that.

These photographs were kindly taken by the very talented Roseanne Jones from Roseanne Jones Photography.




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